Thursday, January 27, 2011

GF! What's that?

Gluten Free!

So I've had some abdominal pain off and on since 2007 that started getting worse last year. Well OBGYN thought ovarian cysts, but ultrasounds were normal. So they put me on the pill thinking that stopping ovulation would stop the cysts/pain. Nope still pain. Then they said IBS gave me medicine which only dropped my heart rate, made me dizzy and light headed. Then she thought oh maybe endometriosis, so she put me on a pill that stops my cycle all together. Nope still pain. UGH!!!

I also have really bad knee pain in the morning, during the day and at night. I have a family history of rheumatoid arthritis on dad and mom's side. I went to my family doc back in August who checked for Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as some other things and xrays. Everything came back negative, so he gave me some anti-inflammatory pills. Nope still knee pain. Then I went and bought the super expensive not so cute support shoes to wear. Nope still knee pain.

Then 2 weeks ago I had bright red bloody poops. Yep pretty scary! I went back to my family doc and told him all about the abdominal pain discussed above. He did the infamous rectal exam checking for hemorrhoids. Nope nothing. Phew! So then he decided lets do a CT to check for masses or inflammation. Mainly checking for Crohn's. CT was normal, so now what.

I went back today and he suggested going to a GI doc and get a colonoscopy. UGH!!! We also discussed making dietary changes too. He is thinking possibly Gluten Intolerance. Hmmm....

So I'm going to tackle this gluten free life style. We'll see how things go. Thank goodness for Wildtree and the gluten free items they have to offer. I'm just overwhelmed right now, so if anyone has some great websites discussing food products with/without gluten or blogs with recipes please feel free to share.

I also ask that you please pray that dietary changes is all I need to do to take care of my abdominal pain as well as my joint pain. :)