Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Year Already

WOW! It's hard to believe it has already been a year since Eric and I said "I do!" This year has been an amazing year and has made us both so excited to see what God has in store for us in the future. (No babies anytime soon, but we are both excited for that journey whenever it is time.)

Our first anniversary was a very eventful one. Eric is not much to plan, and I always have things planned out. It's something that we help balance each other out with. We decided to book a hotel downtown Kansas City for one evening. I asked for Eric to plan the remainder of the evening. Well I didn't think he had anything planned, so I was kind of bummed.

We started out with breakfast at a local favorite Saturday morning. I had said something to Eric about possibly going to the Baseball Museum prior to checking into the hotel. Eric said he didn't think that was possible, and we needed to do an early dinner. Wow he had actually planned something! He said it wasn't anything special just something fun and we needed to be there at 5:00 pm.

After breakfast and running errands, Eric took a nap while I showered and got ready. I was listening to KLove while getting ready, and they advertised their Winter Jam concert which was going to be here in KC today. When Eric woke up, I told him hey KLove is going to be here tomorrow, maybe we can go to the concert. He said no they're here tonight. I said no they said the 20th, and he said today's the 20th. I had to break it to him that no today was actually the 19th and tomorrow is our real anniversary. His face dropped and he said that's what I had planned for tonight. I was going to take you to the concert. He was so bummed that the one time he planned something, it fell through. Yep, my husband forgot our first anniversary. HAHA just kidding. He remembered the date Feb. 20th, he just got yesterday's date wrong. He thought since we booked the hotel for Saturday night, then Saturday was the 20th.

We figured no big deal, we'll still enjoy our anniversary celebration. Well we checked in at the hotel, and headed to the plaza around 7 to walk around and go to our favorite spot, Barnes and Noble. We walked around there for awhile checking out various books. Then we decided to go down to PF Changs for dinner. Little did we know, it was a 2 hour wait! Nothing was turning out how we had planned or expected. Eric felt horrible how the night was turning out. I was a little disappointed, but no big deal. We ended up just going back to the hotel and eating in the cafe they had. We eventually just laughed about the evening.

The top tier of the wedding cake did not make it to KC with us last year. I decided to go to "3 Women and an Oven" in Overland Park to get a replica of our top tier for us to celebrate with. After dinner we ate our "top tier" and celebrated an amazing year together as husband and wife.

I'm so thankful to have a husband who is so supportive and understanding with the demands of medical school. He put up with me with the stress of national boards last spring, starting rotations in the fall, and the long hours associated with certain rotations including a week of working nights. I couldn't have asked for a better husband. Thank you Eric for all of your support and love you share with me. I love you so much and wouldn't change a thing.