Wednesday, July 25, 2012

39 Weeks

How far along? 39 Weeks, Wednesday 7/25/2012  
how are you measuring? 1 cm, 50% effaced (no changes)
size of baby? Watermelon, 19-22 in, 7.5 lbs

heartbeat? mid 130s (she caught the baby in the middle of an acceleration so it was up in the 150s and then came back down to the 130s)

total weight gain/loss? 35 lbs 
maternity clothes? Yes.  Some of my maternity shirts are almost too short that my belly is showing.  I am ready to be back in my normal clothes.  I just dread getting dressed for "work".

stretch marks? Still none :)

sleep? Sleep has been hit or miss this week.  I don't have a problem falling asleep initially, but then I wake up a ton to readjust.

best moment this week?  Having a final end date.  At our appointment on Monday we scheduled an induction for August 10th.  That puts me at 41 weeks 2 days.  I sure hope we don't have to go that long, but it's just nice to know there is an end in sight.
movement? Movements have definitely slowed down.  The baby squirms but it's more of nudges. haha  Baby has run out of room.  I get heels jabbing me on the right side all of the time!  I'm definitely going to miss feeling this little one squirming around all day.

food cravings? Fruit

gender predictions? I'm going to say it's a stubborn boy following in his daddy's footsteps being late.

what i miss: The ease of getting up from sitting or laying down and rolling over.

what i'm looking forward to: Meeting this little one.  Come on Baby Adcock!

how are you feeling? So today is the first day I was uncomfortable when I got up.  I was just not looking forward to going to the hospital to round on patients.  I had lots of contractions last night, so I don't know if that's why I was so uncomfortable this morning or what the deal was.  I'm feeling better now and survived running around the hospital one more day.

Development this week:  Today starts week 40 of development.  This is the last week of pregnancy (hopefully).  Baby can come any day now.  About half of all pregnancies proceed past the 40-week mark.  YIKES!!!  (According to What to Expect When You're Expecting)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

38 Weeks

How far along? 38 Weeks, Wednesday 7/18/2012  
how are you measuring? 1 cm, 50% effaced (still the same)
size of baby? Watermelon, 19-22 in, 7 lbs
heartbeat? 130s
total weight gain/loss? 34 lbs 
maternity clothes? Yep.  I absolutely hate the belly bands on pants now though.  They just make my belly itch :(

stretch marks? Still none :)
sleep? Sleep hasn't been that bad this week.  I go the restroom usually 3 times with my last trip being at 3.  Then I get a good 3 hour stretch until the alarm goes off.  Getting my body prepared for those night time feedings.

best moment this week? My prenatal massage.  OMG it felt amazing.  Helped me relax so much.  Eric and I both really love going to the doctor.  We look forward to our appointments each week. :)
movement? Still squirming around.  I've been lucky enough to not have to experience getting kicked in the ribs.  However this little with his/her legs straight out to my right side.  That being said I get kicked on the side of my tummy or the heels just digging into my side.  It feels as if I have a bruise where the heels are.  It's so funny though because I will push on the little feet pushing out and then the baby moves haha.
food cravings? Sweet Tea!  YUMMY!!!!
gender predictions? I don't know anymore.  I'm still carrying somewhat high even though baby has dropped somewhat.  I guess I'm still going to say girl.

what i miss:  The ease of going from laying down to sitting up.  Man what a chore these days.

what i'm looking forward to: Meeting this little one. (Maybe the next baby bump post will be with an actual baby)

how are you feeling? I've been feeling pretty good still.  I'm running around the hospital seeing patients without a problem.  All of the nurses just get a kick out of the fact that I'm still "working."  
Oh I forgot to mention.  This past Saturday Eric and I had our breakfast date and went to a movie.  During the movie I was having contractions which isn't out of the ordinary for me.  Then I was getting lots of pressure and tightness below the bump throughout the movie.  I was trying to ignore it and not get my hopes up.  We then got home and I was still having my contractions every 5 minutes.  I started to think ok maybe this is it.  I decided to pick up around the house and clean to keep my mind off things.  I had a few good ones that made me take a few deep breaths.  This lasted until about 5-6pm and then nothing.  They never progressed or turned into anything.  BLAH!  It just scares me because this was going on for 5-6 hours and was just false labor.  I sure hope my water just breaks, so then I know ok it's the real deal time to go in.  Oh well.  We will see what happens.
Development this week:  Today starts week 39 of development.  Baby's growth has slowed down or even taken a hiatus until after delivery.  On average, a baby this week still weighs in at around 7 lbs.  Progress is being made in baby's brain which is growing and developing up a storm.  Baby's pink skin has turned white or whitish.  Baby's head might have dropped into your pelvis.  This might make for some easier breathing and less heartburn, but could also make it harder for you to walk, or waddle.   (According to What to Expect When You're Expecting)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Keeping Busy to Pass the Time

So this entire pregnancy has flown by.  I can't believe I am already in the home stretch.  However these last 2-3 weeks have been dragging.  I'm ready to meet our little one already.  So to help, I've been busy.

Annie, one of my great friends here in Kansas City, made these super cute onesies for the baby shower.  She had them hanging up for decoration.  She just used iron on material with fabric.  She wasn't sure how they would hold up after getting washed, so I decided to hand stitch around them to add a little reinforcement.
Are these not the cutest?

Well she inspired me to make my own little onesie.  Eric drew out this cute little monkey to copy the monkey from the bedding.  I then cut it out, ironed it on and then I hand stitched around it.  This picture is from before the hand stitching.  What do you think?  I can't wait for our little monkey to wear this.

So usually on the weekends we are just super eager to do something for the baby.  This weekend I decided to make some freezer meals ready to throw in the crockpot once the baby gets here.  I found this from pinterest.  I have 2 meals of each: Teriyaki Chicken, Savory Chicken to go over pasta, Lazy Day Stew, and then 1 meal of Italian Sausage and Peppers.  It took me less than 2 hours to chop all of the veggies, put everything together and seal them up using our sealer.  All of the ingredients cost about $60 so that comes to less than $10 a meal.

Just trying to do anything and everything to pass the time until this little one arrives.  Do you have any suggestions of things I can do to pass the time?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

37 Weeks

How far along? 37 Weeks, Wednesday 7/11/2012  
Baby Adcock is now officially full-term.  WOW!
how are you measuring? 1 cm, 50% effaced 
(made very little progress with all of these regular contractions 5 mins apart)
size of baby? Watermelon, 19-22 in, 6.5 lbs
heartbeat? 130s
total weight gain/loss? 32 lbs 

maternity clothes? Yep.
stretch marks? Nothing yet.  Maybe I won't get any?
sleep? Sleep was a little better this week.  We have a long rectangle pillow that goes with our bedding for decoration.  I have been using it to sleep and it has made getting comfortable a little bit easier.  I wish I would have invested in a pregnancy pillow, but I didn't think I would need it.  Oh well.  Only 3 weeks to go, so this will work.

best moment this week? My diaper bag came in!  It is now all packed and ready to go.  That was really the last thing that needed to be done to prepare for Baby Adcock.
movement? This little one wiggles and squirms all the time.  It is still so much fun and I think I will miss being able to feel him/her all day long.
food cravings? Sweet Tea!  YUMMY!!!!
gender predictions? I have no idea.  I have been going back and forth between girl/boy.  While watching baseball, UFC etc baby is squirming like crazy.  I wonder if that means it's a boy.  haha  Less than 3 weeks until we will know.
what i miss:  Quality sleep.

what i'm looking forward to: This little ones arrival!
how are you feeling? So this week was a pretty easy week for me.  Thankfully the doctor I am with for an inpatient hospital rotation has been on vacation, so I've had 10 days off at home.  I started back up today at the hospital.  Here's to my last year of medical school.
Development this week:  Today starts week 37 of development.  Almost all systems are a go.  Baby has a few last minute details to take care of to get ready for his/her close-up, like shedding that skin-protecting vernix and lanugo.  And producing more surfactant, which prevents the air sacs in the lungs from sticking to each other when your baby begins to breathe.  Baby will be here before you know it. (According to What to Expect When You're Expecting)

Monday, July 9, 2012

What's Cookin in the Kitchen

Monday:  Happy Hour following our doctor's appointment

Tuesday: Buffalo Wild Wings Wing Night

Wednesday: Quick Italian Pasta Toss

Thursday: Stuffed Bell Peppers, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans

Friday: Home Made Pizza

Saturday: Breakfast Date

Emotionally Drained

WARNING: Honest post below.

So I knew pregnancy was going to be an emotional journey, but I did not expect the last few weeks to be like this.  As you have read with my earlier posts I have been having lots of braxton hicks or false labor whatever you want to call it.  I don't quite consider them BH since the timing of them fit more along early labor and they don't change with my activity level, they're just not causing any progress.

All of it is such a tease.  I've been contracting now for over a week.  I've learned how to ignore the tight belly.  It's when they get a little stronger with some discomfort that gets to me.  I think ok maybe this is the start of the real deal.  Lastnight I had a few good ones.  I thought ok so maybe this is it but I really didn't want to get my hopes up.  I decided to take a nice bath and try to go to sleep, and I was expecting to have to wake Eric up in the middle of the night with ok babe it's real.   My mind was racing all night long.  Nope nothing. :(

Obviously the pending labor is on my mind all the time.  It seems Eric and I think about it constantly.  It's hard enough to know I'm contracting but nope they don't turn in to anything impressive. It is just emotionally draining and I try not to think about the contractions.  UGH!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

36 Weeks

how far along? 36 Weeks, Wednesday 7/4/2012  
Wow I can't believe we have less than 4 weeks to go.  This is flying by!  With everything that happened this last weekend, I don't think Baby Adcock will make it to August 1st.
how are you measuring? a loose 1cm, no longer a tight 1 cm haha (Doctor's words)
size of baby?Watermelon, 19-22 in, 6.5lbs 
(this is according to What to Expect but we all know Baby Adcock is measuring small)
heartbeat? 130s

total weight gain/loss? 31lbs 
maternity clothes? Yep.
stretch marks? Nope. Fingers crossed that I won't get any.
sleep? Well these last couple of nights sleep have been a bit rough with the anxiety that came along with everything that happened over the weekend.  The contractions aren't waking me up.  However, when I do wake up to re-adjust or go to the restroom I notice I am having contractions.  Then I lay in bed for a bit thinking about the contractions.  I lay there wondering ok is this the start of the real thing or is this just false labor.

best moment this week? I had my Kansas City shower on Saturday which was wonderful.  I am truly blessed with some amazing women in my life.  They showed so much love for this baby.  Thank you once again for those of you that helped host my baby shower.
movement? Other than the scare on Thursday night, the baby has been squirming.  I am no longer getting kicks and punches.  I am now getting squirms and wiggles which are so funny.  It's funny to look at my belly during movement.  Not only is my belly moving like the ocean but at times I will see outlines of an arm/leg rolling across.  That is the one thing I will miss about being pregnant, feeling the baby move all day.

food cravings? Vanilla cone from Sonic or McDonalds (and they're only $1)

gender predictions? I'm still thinking girl.  
what i miss: A good night's sleep.  Oh well I won't be experiencing that anytime soon.  We will have a newborn which means no sleep plus next July I will be starting residency.  YIKES!
what i'm looking forward to: I always look forward to doctor's appointments.  Eric even looks forward to that and if you know him you know he HATES going to the doctor.  I don't think he has been to the doctor since moving to KC except for the trip to the Urgent Care when Bauer bit him.  Our next appointment is on Monday.  I'm having to see another doc because my doctor is out of town until July 16th.  On Monday she told me this baby better hold off until she gets back.  haha!
how are you feeling? I have been taking it really easy this weekend and week.  I have been plopped on the couch which has been nice but VERY boring.  The doctor I am suppose to be with right now for rotations is on vacation, so I don't start back up on rotations until July 11th.  Unless...Baby Adcock decides to make his/her debut before then.

Development this week:  Today starts week 37 of development.  After this week of development, if baby were born today he/she would be considered full term.  Still gaining weight at about a half pound a week, the average fetus this age weighs about 6 1/2 pounds.  Fat continues to accumulate on your baby, forming kissable dimples in those cute elbows, knees, and shoulders, and adorable creases and folds in the neck and wrists.  To keep busy until the big debut, your baby is practicing to make perfect: inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, sucking on his/her thumb, blinking and pivoting from side to side.     (According to What to Expect When You're Expecting)