Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Official!

The invitations went out in the mail Monday morning and some people already got them yesterday! That means it's official. People know what time the wedding is and where it's at; I guess we can't run off to the JP anymore. haha

I don't recommend making your own invitations EVER! Eric is a graphic designer so we thought ok he can design them. Well I liked the pocket folder enclosures, so each invitation had 5 cards.
  • Invitation
  • RSVP card
  • Hotel card
  • Map card
  • A monogram
For whatever reason when we printed them on the laser jet printer, they didn't all line up the same on the paper. So that meant cutting each card by hand using a scrapbook cutter. Um with 123 invitations each with 5 cards that's over 600 cards to cut out. It took all last week, and I wasn't even working or studying. That's all I did last week.

So the invitation was mounted in the center and then the 3 cards were placed inside the pocket. Then I wrapped a ribbon around the outside and stuck the monogram on the ribbon. Very labor intensive, but I'm so pleased with how they turned out :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bridal Shower

My bridesmaids threw a bridal shower on Sunday for me. It was so much fun and such a wonderful day. Thank you so much to all of the friends and family that came to help celebrate our upcoming marriage. Here are a few pictures from the day. (Eric's mom took tons of pictures but I'm only putting up a few pics.) I didn't get any pictures with my two Moms :(

Wedding Update

I can't believe I've already been back in Texas for a full week! While I'm home, I've been getting a lot of wedding stuff done.

Last Wednesday my mom and I met with the DOC at the hotel where the reception will take place. We finalized all of the little details. YAY!!!

Then on Friday I had my bridal portraits taken. I can't wait to see the fabulous pictures that Jessica was able to get. I really do have an awesome photographer! I just love her style. Lets just say yellow field, dead grass, and run down ballpark with a bride in white! :)

This is after hair and make up by the fabulous Tiffany from Smokin Hot Make Up. Sorry about the quality it's from my phone haha.

I've also printed all of our wedding invitations. Eric designed the invitations for us, and I printed them out on a new laserjet printer that my Dad purchased just for this special project. Thanks Dad!!!!

Now I just have to cut them out including all of the little inserts, RSVP, Map, and Hotel cards. We have 130 invitations, but I'm hoping to get them all sent out this week. I'll post a picture once I get the invitation all put together.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Break!

Ok so this post is somewhat random but enjoy!

I am officially on Christmas break. WOOHOO!!!! I had my last final yesterday. I only have one more semester of sitting in a classroom listening to lectures for my life as a med student. I will start seeing patients in August. YAY!!!

On an exciting note. Eric flies in TONIGHT!!! I get to spend 23 days with him, and I'm so excited :) He has a JOB INTERVIEW on Monday that is looking really promising. It's not his ultimate job, but you know it's a job making money in Kansas City :) I will keep you posted on how it goes.

I get my wedding gown on Sunday! I took it in for alterations, and I'm so excited to see it all finished and the perfect size for me :)

We will be driving back to Dallas on Tuesday. YAY for an 8 hour drive :(

I hope all you blog readers enjoy your weekend. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I love my dress!!!

I picked up my dress today. I LOVE IT!!! OMG I can't believe I have my wedding dress :) It has to get altered some. It's too long and then it's a little big in the chest and the hips/butt but it fits a lot better than I thought it would. I'm taking it in Saturday for alterations. YAY!!!! I so wish I could post a picture, but I guess you'll just have to wait and see pictures from the wedding.

Only 79 days to go.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wedding Update

This past weekend we went dress shopping for the moms. Donna (Eric's mom) had gone looking at department stores and was not having any luck at all. So we decided to go shopping on Saturday while I was in town. We being my mom, Donna, Eric, and me. Yes you read that right Eric went with. He was actually a big help and told us his opinion. I'm so lucky to have a fiance who is involved in the wedding planning.

We decided to go to Terry Costa over off Preston and 635. It is a huge bridal store, and I figured this would be a great place to start. We weren't quite sure what color we wanted them in. I was thinking a shade of teal would be ok, but Eric didn't want that. He thought if they were in a shade of teal that didn't match, it would look bad. We did not want Black since we are not mourning the union of the two families. We decided silver was good. My mom fell in love with the 2nd dress she tried on. I loved it too! Donna took a little longer. She just wasn't liking anything she tried. Then she found a separate top with jacket and black skirt. The top and jacket are silver with a pattern. Very elegant! They were both so excited to have found their dresses.

Then we went to hobby lobby. OH MY! We went to the one off Preston and looked at vases for the centerpieces. Then we decided we can find them cheaper at a wholesale vase store in Addison. While we were at Hobby Lobby we bought the guest book, matching pen, and a matching pillow for Jordan. Then I remembered these really cute hat boxes I saw at the HL in Garland, that would be perfect for a card box. So I walked around the entire store and could not find them!

After lunch we decided to run to the vase store, they're closed on Saturdays. Then we went to the Hobby Lobby in Garland to look for the hat boxes. I found them after searching the entire store and stomping my feet haha. Eric was laughing at me. I was getting frustrated because I knew I saw them at Hobby Lobby, and I figured they're thinking I'm going crazy now.

After we dropped the moms off at their cars, Eric and I decided to go ahead and get the vases at HL. I looked on his iphone and the wholesale place had them for $12 a piece. HL was having a 50% off sale, so they were only $10 a piece. We bought the 2 at the HL in Garland, and then drove back to the one off Preston and got 4 more. I have 6 large vases to go on 6 of the tables to add some height at the reception.

I'm going to put these 47" tall branches in them below. They come in black, white, and gray 80-100 sticks per pack. I'm going to spray paint the gray ones silver and the white ones teal. I will put one pack per vase.

Then I'm going to put these curly sparkle ones throughout each vase to add a little texture and curly. They are 27" tall and 32 per pack. I was thinking about putting 5-6 per vase just to add a little something.

The vases cost me $60. The twigs above will cost me $30 (for 6 packs), and the curly ones will cost $9.

I'm so thankful that Eric put up with the wedding nonsense this weekend :) We also finished designing our invitations, rsvp card, hotel card, and map card. I love the design :)


This past week has been crazy!

First off Randy and Genny got married last Saturday. Randy is a groomsman in our wedding, so Eric flew me home for their wedding. It was a beautiful wedding! I didn't take pictures except for a picture of Eric and me. The wedding just made us that much more excited about our wedding to come in only 82 days!!!

We met up with my parents for lunch while I was in town for the weekend as well. They had my nephew Jordan for the weekend, so it was so fun to see him. We at lunch at La Hacienda which is where our Rehearsal Dinner will be. OH so yummy!!! We love their fajitas.

Jordan, Aunt B, and Uncle Eric!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Ok so I want to hear what type of traditions/routines you have with your spouse.

I thought about Eric and I having a Saturday breakfast. With boards not long after our wedding, I will be spending a lot of hours studying. I was thinking that no matter how crazy busy I am with school, taking an hour out of my Saturday morning to make breakfast for my hubby would be fun. We could make breakfast together and then enjoy it with a nice cup of coffee before I hit the books for the day.

Do you and your spouse have anything you do weekly such as Tuesday date nights, or Thursday game nights. I want to know what yall do!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Church

Alright so our wonderful photographer, Jessica, photographed a wedding at the same church Eric and I are getting married at. Here is a picture she took of the gorgeous church. OMG I'm so excited!!!!

Also, Eric and I drove by the church Saturday morning on our way home from the mall. I was just like that, that, thats the church we're getting married at!!! Just 90 days left :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Alright so lastnight Erin, Annie, and I all three booked our flights to Dallas for the wedding!!!! WOOHOO :) We will get to Dallas Thursday February 18th at 7:45 pm. That will leave us all day Friday to get any last minute wedding stuff done. These two girls are great! I'm so excited to have them come to Dallas to celebrate this special day with us.

They will each be doing a reading during the ceremony. Now I just need to find the readings :)

Rehearsal Dinner: Check!

This last weekend, Eric's parents booked the rehearsal dinner. Since we are going to Mexico for our honeymoon and we both love mexican food, why not have it at a mexican restaurant. YUMMY!!! I'm so excited.

We will be eating at La Hacienda Ranch over off Preston for FAJITAS!!!! They have a backroom that way we can be private. The rehearsal dinner is going to be small, 25 people. It is only going to be those that are in the wedding. We wanted it to be small so we can really show our appreciation to those who are standing up there with us on our special day.

You must go try their fajitas!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

100 Days!!!

Today marks 100 days until Eric and I get married!! :) After today it's double digits!!!

The picture above is from the moment I knew Eric was the one God created to be my husband. Some of yall know that Eric and I dated while I was in highschool. It wasn't God's timing then, and we broke up when I went off to college. We were no where ready to try the distance. We talked maybe two times in the next two years, but that was it. We went our separate ways. No big deal, I thought things were over.

Then in July 2006 he sent me a text asking to talk. I called him to hear what he had to say, but I wanted nothing to do with him. I had been trying so hard for the past 2 years to get over this guy. I straight up told him I was in a serious relationship with the guy that I thought I would marry (ha boy was I wrong). He simply apologized for the past and said he wish he knew back then that the little things I did was because I loved him. That was the end of things.

Every now and then Eric and I would chat on AIM but that was it. Eric simply just wanted to be my friend which I appreciated. He never once mentioned anything about trying to work things out or get back together. He knew I was in a serious relationship and respected that. Well things with the guy that I thought I loved started to get rocky. He didn't want anything to do with my family, hated driving to Wylie to visit with them. Didn't show that he cared. I remember talking to Eric on AIM about a rocky Thanksgiving situation and all Eric did was apologize. He said, "I put you through enough in High School and I'm sorry to see you get heart broken again." Still Eric never said anything about having feelings for me.

I then realized I was settling for this guy that I thought God had for me. I found this Christian guy that I thought was who God wanted me to marry. I was not happy. I wanted someone who loved me and my family and showed me they cared. I read the book Boy Meets Girl and it was so true. I was hanging onto something that I didn't see going anywhere. We broke up December 2006.

I went on a mission trip to New Orleans with my church January 2007. That was the first time Eric and I had spoken on the phone since our conversation in July 2006. He simply sent a text asking for me to let him know when I made it to New Orleans, he would send me a text in the evening to ask how the mission trip was going and that was that. He just wanted to see how I was doing. He then called me one night to talk on the phone. We just laughed and really caught up on old times. Thats when our friendship really began to grow.

The picture above is from Eric's first trip to Nacogdoches. I was skeptical about this guy. When we dated before, I was his girlfriend when it was convenient for him. He said he wanted to drive out to Nac (3 hours away), I told him I'll believe it when you're here. I wasn't getting my hopes up at all. February 9, 2007 Eric drove to Nacogodches after work. I remember I was leaping for joy the closer he got. When he pulled up in the parking lot at my apartment complex and got out of the car that was the moment I knew he was THE ONE! We had such an awesome weekend, and I enjoyed showing him around town.

Whenever we are together we are always laughing and smiling. I thank God every single day for working in each of our hearts and allowing us time to grow. I'm so in love with Eric and can't wait to call him my HUSBAND!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Working Out

Alright, so I've been working out and trying to get tone for the wedding. My bestfriend called it the LGN Diet, Lookin' Good Naked! haha too funny.

So here is my progress so far. I have lost 13 pounds since August. WOOHOO!!! I use to keep track of food and exercise. It's great! Based on my current weight and goals, it calculated my caloric intake, protein and carbs. They have a great database of foods to add to your food diary. Now I'm just trying to tone everything up. Here is my workout feel free to join with me and we can keep each other accountable.

Mon/Thurs 30 mins elliptical, 30 mins weights: chin ups (10), bicep curls (10lb x12), tricep kick backs (10lb x12), standing row (10lb x 12), dips (10) REPEAT 3x

Tues/Fri 30 mins elliptical, 30 mins weights: lunges (24lb x 10 each leg), squats (12lb x 25), lateral block step up (12lb x 15)

Wed/Sat 45 minutes elliptical and an ab video that I do at home.

If you have any other suggestions for workouts to change things up let me know.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


So Eric is designing our wedding invitations. I need your help; I can't decide which one I like better. The wording and fonts are the exact same. The difference obviously is just the design on the left. Which one do you like better? I still can't believe we're planning our wedding! OMG so excited and ready for February to be here already :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Missing Him

Alright so Eric and I started the long distance almost 3 years ago. We did 3 hours when I was at Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches, and now we are 8 hours away in Kansas City. With the Nac distance, we could just jump in the car for a weekend trip. An 8 hour drive is not feasible for a weekend trip. Plane tickets are $150, but you have to book them out 4 weeks early. I so wish I could just jump on a plane for a weekend trip, but I don't have that kind of money for every weekend :(

The long distance hasn't been bad at all. Our relationship is PERFECT!!! It seems now that we know the distance is going to end in exactly 105 days, the distance is the hardest its ever been. I have great friends up here in KC. It's just different. There are so many times I wish Eric could be here just so we could have quality time together. I would love to just sit on the couch in the evening watching TV with him or just having meaningless goofy conversations laughing together. Oh how I can't wait to see Eric in 2 weeks! I'm so ready for Thanksgiving break and then Christmas break for 3 weeks :)

I am just so excited to see what God will do with our lives when we are finally together and married. Oh how I love Eric!

Sorry for this sad post I just needed to get it off my chest.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Centerpiece Idea

Ok so I've been thinking about making our own centerpieces. Let me know if you think this will look neat on the tables? I want to add some height to some of the tables.

Here is my idea:

We will have 15 tables roughly. 6 of these tables will have TALL centerpieces. I didn't want to do all 15 tables like this because it might be too much.

6 TALL Centerpieces:
120 branches of willow branches, 20 branches for each tall table, each branch is roughly 28" tall
6 20" x 5" cylinder vase
Gems in the bottom

How To: I was thinking about buying a can of silver spray paint and painting the willow branches and possibly sprinkling some glitter on them to add a sparkle. I will fill the bottom of the vase with some gems just to add some color. I will adhere a 3" ribbon about 2" from the top of the vase in our color, Teal.

9 tables with candle centerpiece
9 6" cylinder vases
9 10" cylinder vases
9 12" cylinder vases
(these vases come in a pack of 12 so I thought we could use the extra 9 elsewhere to decorate)
Floating Candles
Gems in the bottom

How To: I was going to group one of each size vase on the table. I thought about adhering a 2 inch ribbon on each vase at different heights. I will put gems in the bottom of each vase to add color. Top it off with a floating candle.

Here are my websites I'm using to purchase in bulk. (glass vases) (gems, willow branch, candles)

Let me know what you think of this idea. It looks like it will be roughly $20 a table.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding Update

Florist: I signed a contract and paid the deposit for the florist.

DJ: My mom signed the contract and sent the deposit for the DJ.

Save the Dates: I have some AWESOME friends who came over last night for spaghetti and helped me assemble and address the save the dates. Thank you! They went in the mail today. :)

The picture is a magnet for the fridge, and it's in a matching sage green envelope. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Meal Planning

Ok, so I've done meal planning before. I've seen some meal planning on blogs, so here is what I will be cooking this week. Wildtree helps make the meals simple, for example spaghetti in 15 minutes! If it's in Green it's a Wildtree blend. Here is my meal planning for the week.

Monday: Pork Tenderloin, Ranchers steamed Squash & Zuccini
Tuesday: MBA class at night, so I'll pack a salad
Wednesday: Jalapeno Chicken breasts, black beans, Spanish Rice
Thursday: Tortilla Wraps with Wednesday left overs
Friday: Spaghetti and Garlic Toast
Saturday: Meatloaf with Buffalo Meat :)

Wildtree is an all natural line with no preservatives, additivites, or food dyes, no MSG, no High Fructose Corn Syrup, and low sodium. There are a lot of great blends that help make meals quick that taste great and still healthy for your family. Shoot me a message if you want to look at a catalog. It has helped make cooking in the kitchen fun again.

What's for dinner at your house?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad Luck Wednesday

Eric did not have a good day today :(

He was in a car accident. Don't worry he was not hurt. I was talking to him while it happened. All of a sudden I heard oh no stop, and then um baby I was just in a car accident let me call you back. The first thing out of my mouth was "Are you ok?"

So he was at the exit of his apartment complex waiting for traffic to open so he could pull out. There was a car that was coming from his left and was turning into the apartment complex. It was raining out and the lady behind the guy trying to turn in could not stop in time. She rear ended that guy which made him slide into Eric's front end. Eric spoke to the lady's insurance company tonight and thank goodness her insurance is covering everything even the rental car.

Sad day :(

Personal Topic

Ok so here is a recap from the last personal topic about birth control options. Well after speaking to the doctor I decided to go ahead and try the IUD. She told me since I have never had kids before, I could possibly cramp more. Well I got it put in yesterday. The actual process of getting it inserted was not bad really. She said I actually did really well considering I've never had a kid.

I did fine all day yesterday and then lastnight came. I was in so much pain lastnight I could not sleep. I couldn't get comfy at all. I had a heating pad, took a hot bath, took meds and everything. I was kind of miserable. I woke up fine this morning and did really well all day today. Today around 5 I started to cramp a little. Then come 7 it got really bad. Now I'm laying in bed with the heating pad. I really hope the cramping does not last too long.

Any suggestions on dealing with cramps other than naproxen and heating pad? I have taken 1400 mg of Naproxen today which is A LOT! haha Please pray for me that this cramping does not last too long. :(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Innappropriate Name

Ok so you know how you can get pictures and messages printed on M&Ms. Well I got on their website to check out the prices. I thought about doing this for the wedding. I also wanted to see what messages we could put on there. I filled out the message part with the following two messages:


Mr & Mrs

I click submit to view the M&Ms, and this is the message that came up.

"You have entered an inappropriate or offensive word for your message. Please choose another message."

My new last name is considered inappropriate. HAHA

I guess I really love Eric to accept an inappropriate lastname :)

Newspaper Announcement

Cartwright, Adcock engagement announced

Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eric Adcock and Brittnea Cartwright

Morris and Cindi Cartwright of St. Paul have announced the engagement of their daughter Brittnea to Eric Adcock of Richardson.

He is the son of Melvin and Donna Adcock of Greenville.

The bride-elect is a 2004 graduate of Wylie High School and a 2008 graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University. She is a medical student at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.
The prospective groom is a 2002 graduate of Greenville High School and a 2006 graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas and is a graphic designer.
The wedding is planned for Feb. 20, 2010, at Royal Lane Baptist Church in Dallas.

Save the Date

Eric designed our save the dates. :) He is so creative. We are still tweaking the teal color. It is going to be on glossy good quality photo paper, and the picture is going to be a magnet. My parents are so gracious enough to print the picture on a magnet for us.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Brain Hurts

I have finals this week, and I have been studying non-stop. My first one is tomorrow, pathology practical. There are 9 questions and that's it! I really don't think it will be that bad. I've been looking over the material a ton! Then on Wednesday is our OMT practical. I will study for that tomorrow night. I've looked over that material some, but I'm not too worried. Thursday is the big guy, 180 questions! I started studying for this thing last weekend!

I'm starting to hit a brick wall and burnt on studying, so please say a prayer for me that I keep on studying. On a good note, I get to see Eric in 72 hours!!! He is flying in Thursday night for a weekend of quality time together.

The only wedding talk that will happen this weekend is we are registering Friday morning and premarital counseling Sunday after church. I'm so excited for a weekend with just the two of us. We might go look at apartments on Friday as well. We have a few in mind that we want to check out. YAY!!!

Alright back to studying. Wish me luck and please pray for me :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Personal Topic

Alright, so I'm warning you this is a personal topic. I guess since I'm going into the medical field, I'm use to personal topics. I expect my patients to be open with me so why not be open as well.

I'm going to the doctor this week to determine a birthcontrol method that works for Eric and me. I am wanting to create an informed opinion prior to the appointment. I would love your opinion on this topic. If you have a method that works for you let me know. If you have a method that failed let me know. If you stopped a method due to side effects let me know.

The possibility of getting pregnant right now during medical school is not an option. It's not due to selfish reasons, we just will not be able to provide for a child right now. I will be starting rotations in August 2010 and residency in 2012. The hours will be crazy insane and very stressful. I still will not have an income but I will have debt from student loans, so why bring a child into the world knowing we would have to use government assistance.

As of right now, I'm leaning towards an IUD. I am horrible at remembering to take a pill at the same time everyday. I was on birthcontrol in the past for my acne. I would skip a day or two, just because I would forget!!! Then I tried the nuvaring, but that was just uncomfortable. I've heard great things from other people about the ring, so maybe I inserted it wrong? haha

Let me know your thoughts! If you don't want to post on here but would email me that would be awesome! Thanks for being open with such a personal topic.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Plans for the Weekend

I will be spending the entire weekend studying neuroanatomy. I did not do as well as I wanted on my test, so I'm studying my butt off. I'm going back to learn the material that I thought I understood for the last test. Our final is comprehensive. :(

Eric changed my facebook password, so I can't get on facebook this weekend. I want it to be a very productive weekend. I sat through a lecture today on ADHD, and I think I have ADHD. (I'm writing this post while I'm at the school studying haha) I'm trying to get rid of all the possible distractions.

My finals are not for another week, but I want to be well prepared. Now on to schizophrenia, psychosis, and anti-psychotic drugs. WOOHOO!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photos Are Up!!!

Ok so the Online Gallery is posted for all of our Engagement Pictures. Will yall think I'm weird if I have 50 pictures of Eric and I kissing all over our house? haha bc as of right now, there are 50 that I want! Enjoy looking at the pictures :)

Password: Dallas

On a side note, I have a test tomorrow afternoon and I can't get motivated to study. :(

Reception Site: CHECK!!!

We finally have a reception site. Many of you know this has been the last piece to the puzzle and it has been stressing me out. The wedding is less than 5 months away, but no reception site. We found a place we liked within budget but then with the complete quote everything was additional; security, valet, tea and water, blah blah blah. Then we found THE ONE that includes EVERYTHING! They even have a small centerpiece they will do for us.

The wedding reception will be at The Renaissance Hotel in Richardson.

I'm talking everything is included in their package. Eric and I even get a Honeymoon Suite with Champagne and Strawberries the night of and breakfast in our room the next morning. YAY!!! My mom is signing the contract tomorrow. Thanks Mom & Dad. We Love You!!!

On another note, my MOH went crazy on the $5 wedding rack at Michaels lastnight. Lets see, she picked up a CUTE shirt for the ring bearer and flower girl, a Bride shirt, Bridesmaid shirts, and something extra cute but you can't know about it. ;) Thanks Amy!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Honeymoon: CHECK!

This week Eric booked our honeymoon. OMG I can't wait!!! I wish February 20th was here already. Only 5 months to go. I'm so glad we aren't doing a long engagement. I think both of us are just too excited to wait any longer. We decided to go with the H10 Ocean Coral and Turquesa in Puerto Morelos for our honeymoon.

We went with the all inclusive privilege package which includes all of our meals, drinks, flight EVERYTHING! It even includes snorkeling! There are 6 restaurants on the resort and we are in the Adults Only section which includes a private restaurant without kids and a private pool for adults only. One of my classmates went here last summer and loved it! They said it is a gorgeous resort. I was told we have to do the cave diving and the ATV ride.

Neither of us have been to Mexico, so we are so excited for a week long break from school and work to just sit and relax on the beach or at the pools together as husband and wife!!!

Here is a picture of the room. They are very modern.

And I can't wait to wake up to this gorgeous view. We will be able to walk outside and eat breakfast on the balcony. The only difference is we will have a private terrace with a jacuzzi.

That's one more thing I get to check off the wedding to do list. Thanks Melvin and Donna. We Love You!!!

Now I have an excuse to go shopping for honeymoon attire. It's a good thing I've been eating healthy and working out to get ready to wear a swim suit!!!

Now we just need to book a reception site. We have two possibilities right now, so we will see what happens.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Honeymoon Ideas

Do you have any suggestions for honeymoon places? Since we will be getting married in February, we are thinking about doing a warm place. Let me know if you went somewhere warm or if someone you know went somewhere. Also what resort did yall stay at?

As of right now we're looking at going to Puerto Morelos Mexico. This is the resort we're looking at.

What do you think? Let me know if you have any suggestions for great deals. Thanks!

or this one...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Engagement Pictures

WARNING: A ton of pictures!!!

I absolutely love them all! I can't decide which is my most absolute favorite. Jessica did a great job. I highly recommend using Jessica Hicks for any and all photos. Go to her blog and leave Jessica some blog love :)

Save the Date!

Eric adjusted my fingers to make sure I was holding the ball "correctly." haha
Thanks Coach Adcock.

Playing catch was Eric's idea. Do I look like a professional ball player?

Another favorite!

This will be a larger print in our home for sure!

We tried to do serious faces, but Jessica had to snap the picture fast. We couldn't keep a straight face very long haha.

Since he proposed when we went to Chicago to see a Cubs game we thought it was appropriate to get pictures in our Cubs shirt. :)

This was Eric's idea. I like it! Gotta have some attitude.

Look at those faces! Very serious.

Which one is your favorite?