Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Last Weekend Alone

Last night while I was on the phone with Eric and getting ready for bed I realized something. This is my last weekend to spend alone :) Next weekend I am flying home, so I will see Eric. The weekend after that Eric is flying up here to go job hunting that week. The weekend after that Eric will be moving up here. Then the weekend after that is the WEDDING!

OMG I never thought the day would come when we are both in the same city, let alone married! I am so excited and cannot wait.

Eric has recently told me he is getting nervous about the wedding. Not about being married or anything. He is nervous about standing in front of all those people! If you know Eric, you know he does not do well in large groups.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meet My New Trainer

I bought 30 Day Shred last night and started it this morning. Man that was a good 20 minute workout. Now I worked out 4 times last week with a workout plan Eric gave me, so I was already sore. I can't wait to see how I feel later today. I'm sure I'll be hurting but that means it was a good workout.

Since August 2009, I am down 10 pounds. WOOHOO! I am wanting to tone things up now. I went shopping yesterday for a dress to wear to our rehearsal dinner. I didn't find anything but I did try on a size 4 dress that fit. It wasn't even snug :) WOOHOO!!! In August when I bought a dress to wear on the dinner cruise in Chicago, I had to buy a size 6.

I'll keep yall posted.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best Investment Ever!

As you know I am in medical school. I take my first set of boards at the end of May. It's an 8 hour test! This semester will be spent studying for this ONE test.

Kaplan offers a board prep class that reviews EVERYTHING! I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the class because it's $1200!!! YIKES! I decided to go ahead and take the class. Eric said I need to take this class so that way I will be prepared for the test.

We started the classes this weekend. This is what my schedule looked like: Friday 2:00-10:00, Saturday 8:00-4:00, Sunday 11:00-7:00. It was a weekend full of Pharmacology, drugs. WOW!!!! We have a 300 page book full of drugs.

After sitting through the lectures, I have to say this was the best decision I could make. The professor was excellent! His organization of the drugs made everything click. He cross-referenced things through out the entire weekend. I feel a lot more confident about drugs after sitting through this weekend. Now, I still need to review the drugs on my own but now I atleast know the organization and things to focus on.

My next Kaplan weekend is in 4 weeks! Say a prayer that studying goes well for me :)

House Update

So an update on the house...

I did not stay at my place last week with all of the fans going. It was really loud and just depressing seeing everything. I came back to the house Thursday afternoon to meet the guys from Service Master. They were coming to check everything and hopefully remove all of the fans.

Well right when they got in and looked at the one trouble spot I had, one of the guys said, "Uh Rob we have something leaking." First thing in my mind was crap another pipe busted while I was gone. They told me to check the bathrooms. I ran upstairs to the bathroom to find water on the floor. The tank to the toilet was still running. The fill valve never shut it off; you know the little thing that floats up to the top and turns it off. This had nothing to do with the cold or anything; just coincidence that it happened right after the pipe busted.

So they checked things out and yep more water damage. There is an 8 in x 8 in square and a 3 in x 8 in rectangle on the wall going down the stairs that are wet. Then my pantry ceiling is soaked and the corner of the pantry. I called the insurance and I would have to file a 2nd claim and pay another $1000 deductible for them to cover it. I don't think this damage is $1000.

I talked to the guys at service master that were here and they said if they tried to dry it out like they did for the busted pipe that would cost over $1000. They recommended cutting out those 2 squares of wet sheetrock and patching them. Then to cut down the ceiling to the pantry and remove the pantry walls. They said that would be the cheapest on the pocket book. My ceiling in the pantry already needs to be replaced bc there was water damage up there back in July 2008 when my toiled seal was broken. (the home warranty fixed the toilet but wouldn't fix the secondary damage due to the water)

I am now back in my house thank goodness. It is still a mess from everything but atleast I am back home. 2010 has not started out as a great year :(

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year to Me

So I drove back to Kansas City Sunday evening and did not have a happy welcome home. Two hours after I got home a pipe under my kitchen sink busted. The water was coming out high power and just rushing across the kitchen floor. Then in the laundry room which is beneath the kitchen there was water rushing down the wall. The floor downstairs was covered with water as well. Here is a picture of the busted shut off valve :(

I went to my neighbor's house and he helped me turn off the main water line. Turns out his uncle is a plumber, so he came out Monday morning and fixed the busted shut off valve. He turned the water back on and there was still water leaking. After further investigation, turned out I had a frozen pipe that busted as well.

The water was coming through in the ceiling in the entry way right beneath the kitchen. So he recommended calling the insurance company because there was no telling how much water damage I had.

So an hour after the plumber left, the water restoration company got out there to get things drying out. Well after evaluating the damage they decided to rip out the ceiling shown above and the cabinet beneath my kitchen sink. They put in about 10 fans and 2 de-humidifiers with plastic hanging up every where.

The insurance adjuster came Tuesday to look at everything. Thank goodness we have insurance on the place. They have taken out 4 of the fans so far, but it is still drying. Things are drying well, but there is one spot that isn't drying out very well.

Luckily I have some great friends that are letting me crash in their guest room. I'm just ready to be back in my own house. I haven't slept in my own bed in almost an entire month.