Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Married Life

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted.  Eric and I are trying to get into the swing of things :)

So we've been home for what 10 days now?  Is that it?  haha jk  We are absolutely loving the married life.  We love knowing we have someone to come home to at the end of the day.  Don't get me wrong coming home to Bauer and Yeah-Yeah were nice, but now we have each other :)  We both keep waiting for the time that I have to take him to the airport to fly home.  But oh wait he's already home!

Right now in school I've had an easy 2 weeks.  It was a time for electives, and since I'm in the MBA program I don't have to take electives.  I've been able to stay at home study for boards, and work on MBA stuff.  I have been able to meal plan and cook at home every night which has been nice on the pocket book :)  

I'm doing phone-a-thon at the school last week and this for 3 nights in the evenings.  Last week on Wednesday I was cooking dinner and thought oh no I won't be home for dinner tomorrow, so what will Eric eat.  Well I decided to make 2 dinners, so all he had to do Thursday was put his portion in the microwave.  Lets just say I'm loving being a WIFE!

Eric's parents drove up on Friday to bring ALL of the wedding gifts and Yeah-Yeah his dog.  We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such loving people.  Lets just say last weekend was eventful.  Yeah Yeah was in a new place so he did not sleep at all Friday night which meant we did not sleep at all Friday.  At one point early in the morning Eric and I were in bed just laughing at Yeah Yeah because we were delirious haha.  Each night is getting better.  Yeah Yeah and Bauer LOVE each other :)  I'll try to snap some pictures of them to post on here.

Eric started his new job and it's a little slow.  Hopefully as he learns the ropes up there he will begin to enjoy his job.  That's just a little update from us. 

I will try to post blogs with pictures from now on if I can.  :)

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