Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Meal Planning

So my Sunday afternoons typically consist of meal planning and grocery shopping. Eric and I are trying to eat healthy as well as run every night. We started all of this last weekend, but then I went to Dallas on Monday (that will be a post in itself soon). I'm trying some new recipes I found on a weight watchers blog, so hopefully they'll be yummy.

Sunday: Chicken with Red Pepper Sauce and Yellow Squash

Monday: Baked Fish Sticks

Tuesday: Italian Pasta Salad and Strawberry and Mascarpone Granita for dessert

Wednesday: Chicken and Guacamole Tostadas and Black Beans

Thursday: Tilapia Oreganato and Wild Rice

Friday: Taco Salad

Saturday: Royals Game with the in-laws

Sunday: Dinner with the in-laws

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