Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun at the Zoo

I had last Saturday off so we took a fun trip to the zoo. We only saw about half the zoo before Alexis fell asleep. Then this week I had Sunday off, so we made a second trip to the zoo to see the other half. The St. Louis zoo is free so why not. I think Alexis had fun! 

Slathered up with sun screen ready to see some animals. 
Watching the penguins. 

She loved watching the big elephants. There's even a baby elephant! 
Passed out not even in the car 5 minutes. 

Zoo Trip #2
We had to see the penguins again. 
Right before they got splashed. 
She loved the big "monkey". 
Looking at the zebras. 
The giraffe was so tall!!! 
Having fun with mommy and daddy! 

I hope you enjoyed viewing our trip to the zoo as we sure had a blast! 

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