Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Official!

The invitations went out in the mail Monday morning and some people already got them yesterday! That means it's official. People know what time the wedding is and where it's at; I guess we can't run off to the JP anymore. haha

I don't recommend making your own invitations EVER! Eric is a graphic designer so we thought ok he can design them. Well I liked the pocket folder enclosures, so each invitation had 5 cards.
  • Invitation
  • RSVP card
  • Hotel card
  • Map card
  • A monogram
For whatever reason when we printed them on the laser jet printer, they didn't all line up the same on the paper. So that meant cutting each card by hand using a scrapbook cutter. Um with 123 invitations each with 5 cards that's over 600 cards to cut out. It took all last week, and I wasn't even working or studying. That's all I did last week.

So the invitation was mounted in the center and then the 3 cards were placed inside the pocket. Then I wrapped a ribbon around the outside and stuck the monogram on the ribbon. Very labor intensive, but I'm so pleased with how they turned out :)

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