Monday, February 1, 2010

Bachelorette Party!

I flew down to Dallas on Friday, and I got to see my soon to be hubby! There were 3 of us from Dallas with most of my friends from the Houston area, so we decided to have the party in Houston. Us 3 girls from Dallas drove down to Houston Saturday. We all met at Kimbri's house. The girls cooked pasta for dinner which was yummy! Along with some other finger foods to snack on.

Amy put together some questions that Eric had to answer about me. She then asked me the questions and compared my responses to Eric. This was to see how well Eric knew me. It was funny to hear some of his responses. I'll find that sheet to see what he had to say. Future post to come. Then it was time to open the presents. This was a lingerie shower, so it was a blast! I think I turned bright red a few times. Then we played jeopardy. It was FUN!

Then it was time to head to Pete's Piano Bar in downtown Houston. The girls had put together a list of tasks for me to accomplish. Now the girls know me, so nothing was tacky at all. We were told quite a few times that we were the classiest bachelorette party they've ever seen. Here are some pics of the tasks!

My Bridesmaids are Awesome!!!
I had to find a guy named Eric and get a business card. He didn't have a business card, but he wanted to show me his driver's license to prove he was Eric. haha
His task was to draw a tattoo on my arm. He drew a heart with an arrow and Eric.
I had to find someone as old as my dad or grandfather to dance with. This guy was hilarious!!!
Ok so I had to find the cutest guy there to take a picture of the group. He took the picture at the top. If you know Eric then you probably know why I picked this guy. He has the blonde curly hair with blue eyes. :) I am going to have the HOTTEST HUSBAND!!!!

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