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I guess the name of this blog can now be changed to The Adcock Home.

Quick Recap of the Wedding Day for all those who are still reading.
At rehearsal Friday night, Brittnea kept saying, "I still don't feel like it's real." I feel like we are still planning. Rehearsal went off without a glitch....Eric did great.. Didn't seem the least bit nervous. Rehearsal Dinner was held at La Hacienda Ranch, and was a great time to be spent with the closest family and friends of the couple.
Friday night Brittnea chose for 5 other girls to all stay together at the hotel, spending last moments as a single woman having a great time. ** Funny Story...Brittnea was showing off her lingerie to all of us girls. I just happened to be painting my toe nails. She walked in with what I thought was the next piece of lingerie and said "And this one was my Great Grandmother's" As you can imagine I immediately looked up and said "WHAT?" In her hand she was holding her "something old," her great grandmother's hankie...not her lingerie! She should have told me she was transitioning!!**
Saturday I honestly can not explain to you how calm Britt was. She kept saying "I don't feel like I'm getting married, I just feel like I am having a girl's day." She was absolutely glowing all day...but for some reason we could not keep her from talking to her soon to be hubby on the phone. Around 3:30 we headed to the church for pictures with the bridal party and family. The photographer is amazing!! I know she got some great shots...Can't wait to see the photos.
Wedding started at 5:30pm. Brittnea said it did not hit her that she was getting married until the music started playing for the bridal party to walk down the aisle. She did great not crying....though I believe she did have a few tears walking toward her prince charming. Eric was grinning from ear to ear as his bride made her way down the aisle, it was obvious how in love he is with her. He did not pass out..whew! A relief on everyone's part. The ceremony was perfect. Bobby did a great job, even incorporating laughter and baseball into the vows :) I'm sure that thrilled Eric. After the ceremony Eric said he was ready to do it 3 or 4 more times, that it was so easy, he didn't know why he was so nervous about that.
The reception went great as well. Absolutely beautiful!! . Rick the best man gave a very well rehearsed speech, talking about how his Wolfpack has grown...haha!! Definitely a hit! And of course, I cried during my speech. I never could make eye contact with Britt because I knew I would loose it even more.

They are currently on their honeymoon (ooh lala) in Mexico. Let's just hope Britt's bag didn't get checked AGAIN :)

- Written By Amy Moorhead, Maid of Honor

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