Monday, July 19, 2010

Storm Chasing

Eric loves weather. He really enjoys it when it's anything but normal outside. Friday was a gorgeous day here until about 5pm. It started to get dark, but I didn't know we were suppose to get a storm. Eric called me when he got into the parking lot and asked for me to grab his camera and come outside so we could go storm chasing. (He was hoping to capture pictures of a tornado)

We decide to sit in the parking lot of the Sears Outlet near our place. Below are some of the pictures Eric captured. The clouds did appear to be swirling, so he was hoping we would see a tornado. I on the other hand was hoping we wouldn't because we were in his car in an empty parking lot. The wind sure was blowing hard, so I was a bit nervous.

The storm lasted about 45 minutes and then the sun came back out and it was gorgeous!

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