Friday, July 2, 2010

Dream Interpretation

Alright so I had a crazy dream lastnight. I need a little help here because I have no idea what it means. If anyone out there in blogger land has some experience in dream interpretation just let me know. My mother in law is a psychologist and does some dream interpretation. I don't want to ask her because there's no telling what it means haha.

My dream:

I am in highschool again on my way to lunch. The school in my dream was the high school I went to. Everything looked the same. There is blood on the floor smeared followed by a trail by the stairs. Rumor around school is that there's a killer dog on campus that has already killed 2 people. (now we have 2 dogs but they are by no means killer dogs haha)

I sit at my usual table by the large wall of windows. Our table is the closest one to the doors to leave the school in the back. Then in comes this dog with a police officer following it. It was a female police officer. (no I have not had any run ins with the law) The dog comes to our table and I quickly jump on top of the table because of course not a big dog can't reach me if I'm on the table haha. The dog comes up and is sniffing our table but doesn't bother us. The police officer some how manages to shoo the dog out of the school.

Later that afternoon I have to step outside for something. I don't know if I was having to go to the other building or what. As I walk out of the school there's the stupid dog. I quickly grab ahold of the awning above the door and pull myself up. At my school there were no awnings above the doors so I have no idea. This is kind of fuzzy. I just remember I had my feet up on one bar and hanging on the other bar so my butt is hanging down. The dog keeps jumping up to get me and each time I'm pulling myself up and then hanging. Very exhausting! I'm yelling the entire time HELP! No one comes for what seems like an hour. I think this is were I woke up because I don't remember anything else.

So all you dream experts, what does it mean?

Dream in a nut shell: I'm back in my high school as a student, killer dog on campus, dog is trying to get me. hmmm

Enjoy reading into my dream :)

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