Sunday, September 19, 2010

Campground Tornado

This weekend Eric and I went camping with our friends Jen and Phil. We went up to Smithville Lake in Missouri which is about an hour north from our place. It was an eventful weekend to say the least.
Jen and I set up the campground all by ourselves before the guys got there. Sorry the pics are bad. They're all from my iphone.
We watched a beautiful sunset over the lake.

Friday night, Yeah Yeah some how got loose off his chain. We had both dogs staked down. I looked over and I only saw one dog. At this point it was pitch black except for our campfire. My heart sunk thinking I would never see this lil guy anymore. All 4 of us grabbed our flashlights and I jumped in my car. We looked for about 10 minutes. Then Jen jumped on the back of my car to help me look and then here comes this little guy running towards us from about 100 yards away. It was like he was thinking "what's all the commotion about? What are yall looking for?" Yeah-Yeah is our ADHD dog who gets distracted and just goes off on his own. It's not that he runs to get free, he just explores on his own. He had his own little adventure Friday night.

We had been watching the weather all week hoping it wasn't going to rain. Friday it showed no rain, but then Saturday morning they were showing rain. The weather turned out to be perfect EXCEPT for Saturday night around midnight. It was storming pretty bad for about an hour then it just rained all night. Once we got home, Jen found out there was actually a tornado on the lake that ruined some houses with winds up to 90 mph. Kinda scary now that I think about it.

Before we went to bed we watched an amazing lightning storm over the lake.

Both boys curled up next to Eric after a night of storming.
Bauer was exhausted after a very eventful weekend. He slept in his bed the entire drive home.
This was Yeah-Yeah's spot all afternoon once we got home.

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