Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paging Dr. Adcock

(Wow it's kind of weird to see Dr. Adcock and to think that really is my last name even after 7 months)

As many of yall know, I am done with the classroom portion of my medical school career :) In August I started my 2 years of clerkship. The next 2 years I will spend 1 month at a time in different specialties. I thought I would kind of update everyone on the fun things I'm doing.

August: I spent the month in an outpatient internal medicine clinic. I was very nervous with this being my first rotation, and the fear of the unknown set in. The doctor I was with was very laid back and it was a nice ease into things. This doctor didn't really let me do much on my own, but that was ok for the first month.

After the first week I started seeing patients on my own. I would go in and get the full history of what's going on and do the physical exam such as ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs or range of motion if it was joint pain. I got to see a lot of hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes. I did however get to perform a few prostate exams and observed well women exams. The doctor also let me do a lot of OMT on patients with back/neck pain. (this is the portion of osteopathic medicine that is similar to chiropractic)

September: This month I am in a small family medicine clinic with a physician who is semi-retired. I was not thinking I would like this month due to the slower pace, but I have enjoyed this month much more. Even though this doctor is 68, he has let me be all hands on. From day one he handed me the chart, so I'm the one documenting everything and the one writing the prescriptions. (I did not do either of these last month) I have seen a lot of allergies, sinus infections and UTIs.

On Monday we had a mole removal, which I saw quite a few of those last month. However, this doctor handed me the scalpel after he numbed it and outlined the margin and said just follow the margins. I was the one who removed the mole. Then he put in one stitch while explaining to me in great detail. Then he handed me the suture kit and said now your turn. The patient was great. He was a younger gentleman and the mole was on his calf. He was very patient and said sure keep practicing, that's fine. The doctor was very patient with me as well while I fumbled with the tools a bit. I put in 2 stitches and I was so excited!!!

I've even gotten to see some kiddos. I love it!!! :)

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