Wednesday, November 23, 2011

4 Weeks

So I got this idea from a high school friend. When she was pregnant she did a weekly baby bump series, and it was so much fun to read it every week and see the pictures. I'm going to give it a shot as well.

how far along? 4 weeks, Wednesday 11/23/2011
how are you measuring? ????
size of baby? size of an Orange Seed (it was a poppy seed last week, so that's why the poppy seed is in the picture as well)
heartbeat? ???????
total weight gain/loss? 0
maternity clothes? I'm wearing my normal clothes. I have noticed that my bras are filled out a little more which is nice. After losing weight over the past few months my bras were a little loose.
stretch marks? No
sleep? Well I don't know if my exhaustion is due to being pregnant or due to this head cold I have. I woke up Monday morning with a horrible sore throat. I could hardly talk it hurt so bad. Then throughout the day it turned into sinus crud. Man I thought being sick was bad enough just throw being pregnant on top of that. I am totally drained. I have been waking up every night around midnight with some mild cramping. It's not so much menstrual cramps. It's more like a tightness right where my uterus is. I just feel like it's tight. Usually if I lay on my stomach and stretch out it helps.
best moment this week? Well we are still super early and just found out on Friday 11/18/2011 that I was pregnant. Today is the day my period is due to show up, but it is no where in sight. It usually starts around 7:30 am. So I am still on Cloud 9 and it doesn't quite feel real.
movement? Nope nothing yet
food cravings? No cravings yet.
gender predictions? I'm going to say girl based on the ovulation day and the timing of sex. Supposedly the sperm that produce girls are slower and can survive longer than the male sperm. We'll see how accurate this is.
what i miss: I miss having energy. I am so drained right now. I'm ready to be over this head cold, so I can enjoy being pregnant. I just have to remind myself that I am growing a little baby inside of me.
what i'm looking forward to: We have our "Confirmation of Pregnancy" appointment next Wednesday, so we are both excited for that. We cannot wait for Christmas to get here to tell our parents.
how are you feeling? Well with my head cold I have a headache and I am all congested. This makes me very tired. Don't worry I have only been taking Guaifenesin. Nothing else. I have had a couple moments of unsettling in my stomach but it's more or less when it's been 3 or 4 hours since I've eaten. I wouldn't really say it's morning sickness because it could just be due to me being sick right now. Other than the mild cramps in the middle of the night I don't really feel like I'm pregnant.
Development this week: This week the heart is starting to take shape. In fact, the circulatory system, along with the heart, is the first system to be operational. The heart (about the size of a poppy seed) is made up of two tiny channels called heart tubes-and though it's still far from fully functional, it's already beating. Also in the works is the neural tube, which will eventually become your baby's brain and spinal cord. Right now the neural tube is open, but it will close by next week. (According to What to Expect When You're Expecting)

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