Sunday, December 2, 2012

4 Months

Oh my!  Already 4 months.  I just wish time could stand still right now.  Eric and I are so in love with our sweet little girl.  We say it multiple times a day and are still in awe.

We have found our feet!

Our fingers are always in our mouth. 

She is now at the point where she just wants to stand all the time.

Working on our tri-pod sitting

Happy Standing!

We have our 4 month doctor's appointment Monday, so I will update her weight and length :)
Eating: We are still breastfeeding and taking bottles of expressed breast milk.  She typically breastfeeds for about 10 minutes and takes 5oz bottles of expressed breast milk right now.  This month was rough as I had to be at the hospital at 6:30am for checkout.  She has been breastfeeding at 3:00am, somewhat of a bottle for Eric around 6:30am.  She would eat maybe 2-3oz if that.  Even on the weekends when I would nurse she would only nurse for about 5 minutes.  For whatever reason she doesn't take full feeds first thing in the morning.  She's too interested in playing and talking.  Then she takes a bottle at 9:30, 12:30, and 3:30 for Mrs. Julia.  Then we nurse at 6:30 and 9:00pm.  So she is getting 4 bottles a day and nursing 3 times a day.
Bedtime: Her last feeding is typically around 9:00pm and then she is in bed by 9:30. 
Awake: This month she has been awake close to 2 hrs before she goes down for naps.  During our awake time we are doing tummy time, rolling over, playing on the activity center, jabbering away, sitting in the vibrating bouncy seat, standing or practicing our tripod sit.  Eric has had quite a few days with her by himself with my working on the weekends and nights.  They have started watching movies together and having lots of fun!
Naps: She typically takes two shorter naps in the morning at Mrs. Julia's, maybe two 45 minute naps.  Then in the afternoon she will take about a two and a half hour nap.  We are starting to get rid of our evening nap as she doesn't seem too interested.  She may doze off in the car if we go somewhere but that's about it for evening naps.
Diapers: size 1, we are ready to move up to size 2 night time as her size 1 night time diapers are so full in the mornings
Clothes: 3 months
Favorites: She loves to stand, loves putting her hands in her mouth, loves rolling over, loves Yeah-Yeah (this month she has started paying more attention to our dog), loves the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree, loves sitting in her bouncy seat to watch movies with daddy, loves to talk

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