Wednesday, January 25, 2012

13 Weeks

how far along? 13 weeks, Wednesday 1/25/2012
how are you measuring? 13 weeks 2 days (The ultrasound on 1/18 showed the baby was measuring 2 days ahead)
size of baby?
Lemon, 3 in 1.5 oz
heartbeat? 151 as of 1/18
total weight gain/loss? + 2 lbs
maternity clothes? I have been wearing my maternity dress pants all week. My jeans still fit fine. However, I think it's about time I buy a bigger bra :)
stretch marks? Nope. Still using Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.
I've been sleeping pretty good actually. I'm getting up once a night to go to the restroom.
best moment this week?
The results from last weeks screening all came back NORMAL!!!
movement? Nope nothing yet. I can't wait until I feel movement.
food cravings? Still loving fruit.
gender predictions? Still going to say girl.
what i miss:
Being able to stay up late with Eric. I've still been going to bed early.
what i'm looking forward to: To have a true baby bump!
how are you feeling? I'm still feeling great. I am in total shock that I've felt this good.
Development this week: Today starts week 14 of development. Beginning in the 2nd tirmester, fetuses start growing at different paces. Despite the differences in growth rates, all babies in utero follow the same developmental path. This week, that baby is having a straighter position as the neck is getting longer and the head more erect. On top of that cute little head, might be sprouting some hair. (hopefully curly!) Eyebrow hair is also filling in as is body hair, lanugo. This downy coating of hair is there to keep the baby warm for now, like a furry blanket. As baby fat accumulates later on, most of that hair will be shed. (According to What to Expect When You're Expecting)

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