Monday, June 28, 2010

A Female!

I've had flowers on my plant for about 2 weeks now, but no veggies. I looked online to see what was going on. I just love the internet! I found that if there are no veggies then your female flowers aren't getting pollinated by the male flowers. (The flowers are on my balcony at the apartment, so there aren't any bees to pollinate) The website recommended taking a q-tip and rubbing the male flower then rubbing the pollen on the female flower. Well all my flowers looked the same so I was like how do you tell female from male. This morning I went out to "pollinate" my flowers and this is what I found.

This is my new flower. All of my flowers have looked like the one below, so this is my first female :) Sorry it's a little blurry. See the inside how there are 4 little stems.

Online it kept showing the female with the 4 stems like above, but I wasn't seeing those on mine. I thought oh maybe it's under the pollen or something. This one just has a single fat stem covered by pollen. The website also said look for the swelling under the flower for the "ovary" part and I have that too!

See that bulge behind the flower. WOOHOO!!!! I should have a little vegetable soon. Then I will be able to tell if this is my squash or zucchini plant haha.

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