Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Royals Game

Eric and I went to a Royals Game for my birthday 2 weeks ago. Eric hadn't been to Kauffman Stadium yet, so this was another stadium checked off our list. :) We had a lot of fun, but decided these games are a lot like the minor league games we use to go to back in Dallas. There is just so much entertainment. Not many people are actually watching the game. The couple right next to us kept getting up every single inning. There is even a Ferris Wheel, Gaming Center to play baseball, and Putt Putt back behind outfield. REALLY? None of this was at Wrigley Field that's for sure.

Here are a few pictures from our fun date!

As you can tell, not too many people are at the game even though it's a Friday night game.

This was Eric's idea now that I'm an Adcock! haha
In the hall of fame they had a lot of stuff on George Brett. Here is the infamous pine tar bat.

This was all out of baseballs. The pine tar on this bat was a lot higher than the previous bat.

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