Monday, September 17, 2012

Night Shifts

As part of my ER rotation, I have to work 4 night shifts (7p-7a). I chose to work Friday and Saturday nights, that way Eric doesn't have to work the next day. This past saturday was my last night shift. Woohoo!

So Eric sends me texts and keeps me posted on how the nights are going; ie. when she gets up to eat and that she is back down asleep. He did a great job flying solo. Not only did he have to get up with her in the middle of the night but he had to take care of her during the day while I slept. These past two weekends were rough for the bough of us.

Well Saturday morning around 5 or so I get a text from Eric with this oh so cute picture.

While he was feeding her, she had a blowout poopy diaper that got all over him, on the couch, and on her.  Well after he cleaned everything up he was talking to her and asked why she pooped on daddy. she just started smiling. So he took a picture. She has been giving us a few social smiles, but this is the first time to catch it on camera :)

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