Monday, September 17, 2012

Our First Sick Doctor's Visit

So Alexis had her first doctor's appointment today that wasn't a well visit. :(

Off and on for the past 2 weeks one of the fat creases in her neck has been irritated.  I originally thought it was just from milk dripping down into the crease.  When I first noticed it, I started wiping her neck down after every feeding.  Then on Sunday I noticed it was beefy red and somewhat puffy.  It had somewhat of an odor, so I thought it was a yeast infection.

Thanks to a wonderful family physician I know, she told me it was ok to use an over the counter anti-fungal.  (Thank you Dr. P)  I used it twice yesterday and again this morning.  It was still pretty red this morning and she acted like it was bothering her.  I decided to go ahead and put a call into the pediatrician.

Sure enough, it was a yeast infection.  We got a prescription anti-fungal, and I was told to mix 50-50 with some cortisone cream to help with the inflammation three times a day.  I put some on her around 4 this afternoon once we got home, and at 8 after her evening feed it already looked a little less inflamed. Poor little girl!


  1. Kudos to your physician! It's best to keep in touch with your pediatrician to make sure you're giving the best care for your baby. Its been a year now, and I do hope that Alexis won't experience any serious illnesses. :)

    Malachi Cates @