Friday, September 25, 2009

Honeymoon: CHECK!

This week Eric booked our honeymoon. OMG I can't wait!!! I wish February 20th was here already. Only 5 months to go. I'm so glad we aren't doing a long engagement. I think both of us are just too excited to wait any longer. We decided to go with the H10 Ocean Coral and Turquesa in Puerto Morelos for our honeymoon.

We went with the all inclusive privilege package which includes all of our meals, drinks, flight EVERYTHING! It even includes snorkeling! There are 6 restaurants on the resort and we are in the Adults Only section which includes a private restaurant without kids and a private pool for adults only. One of my classmates went here last summer and loved it! They said it is a gorgeous resort. I was told we have to do the cave diving and the ATV ride.

Neither of us have been to Mexico, so we are so excited for a week long break from school and work to just sit and relax on the beach or at the pools together as husband and wife!!!

Here is a picture of the room. They are very modern.

And I can't wait to wake up to this gorgeous view. We will be able to walk outside and eat breakfast on the balcony. The only difference is we will have a private terrace with a jacuzzi.

That's one more thing I get to check off the wedding to do list. Thanks Melvin and Donna. We Love You!!!

Now I have an excuse to go shopping for honeymoon attire. It's a good thing I've been eating healthy and working out to get ready to wear a swim suit!!!

Now we just need to book a reception site. We have two possibilities right now, so we will see what happens.

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