Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Update-Saturday

  • We had a wedding cake consultation in the morning. We got to try some cake and loved it! We designed what we wanted for both cakes. That is paid in full, so we got a 10% discount! That was way under budget :)
  • We then went to look at Bridesmaid dresses. We had been looking online and I found one I liked. Amy and Ashley were both there to try them on and they both loved them. It is very simple and classy. They bought their dresses and got a discount for a current special. YAY for discounts!!!
  • After that we went to look at some tuxes just to get ideas. Well we ended up deciding on what the guys will wear. Eric was there, so this was all his doing. I love it! He is going to look so good in what he picked out. Man my soon to be hubby is a stud! haha
  • Then we went to DSW to look at shoes for us girls. I found shoes up here in KC at DSW, but I didn't buy them. They were at the DSW in Garland, and I still loved them. I decided to get them. YAY so I have shoes!!! Then after discussing, we decided Ashley and Amy can just wear black strappy sandals.
  • Saturday evening my parents, Eric, Amy and I went to look at a reception site, Northwood Country Club. They were having a reception that night, so it was all set up. It was gorgeous!!! Now this was a way over the top reception. We think they had spent ATLEAST $10,000 on a florist for all of the center pieces. They brought in specialty lenins, specialty chairs, had special gel lighting the works. We think the reception not including the center pieces is ATLEAST $40,000. That doesn't even include if they're having alcohol. Now we are not planning on spending nearly that haha. I think we are set on that place for the reception.
We will be making our own centerpieces to try and save money. If you know of anywhere I can get cheap tall glass vases or any online coupons let me know. I'm thinking hobby lobby or garden ridge.

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