Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Update-Friday

Alright, so I haven't posted in a bit just because I did not have any updates. I had neuro finals last week, so there wasn't much wedding planning going on. I flew to Dallas Thursday night for a weekend full of planning. My MOH is currently in Dallas for a clinical site, so she spent the entire weekend with us helping out. It was so much fun!!! Here are some of the things we got accomplished this weekend. I unfortunately don't have any pictures of the weekend to post for you sorry. :( I will post them according to the days.

  • Bought the invitation material. I found something I liked, but priced out it was $1000!!! Are you serious? We decided we're going to make our own invitations which will put us less than half of that cost plus under our stationary budget :)
  • Looked at a few reception sites; still not sold on any of them.
  • Went to a florist. LOVED the florist! The owner was not there, so I just got ideas of what flowers I want to use. I will call the owner this week, to do a wedding consult over the phone. Eric and my mother-in-law had found this florist the week prior for me. They did the dirty work and went to a few florist then picked out the top two. Z's Florist was my favorite!

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