Sunday, October 4, 2009

Personal Topic

Alright, so I'm warning you this is a personal topic. I guess since I'm going into the medical field, I'm use to personal topics. I expect my patients to be open with me so why not be open as well.

I'm going to the doctor this week to determine a birthcontrol method that works for Eric and me. I am wanting to create an informed opinion prior to the appointment. I would love your opinion on this topic. If you have a method that works for you let me know. If you have a method that failed let me know. If you stopped a method due to side effects let me know.

The possibility of getting pregnant right now during medical school is not an option. It's not due to selfish reasons, we just will not be able to provide for a child right now. I will be starting rotations in August 2010 and residency in 2012. The hours will be crazy insane and very stressful. I still will not have an income but I will have debt from student loans, so why bring a child into the world knowing we would have to use government assistance.

As of right now, I'm leaning towards an IUD. I am horrible at remembering to take a pill at the same time everyday. I was on birthcontrol in the past for my acne. I would skip a day or two, just because I would forget!!! Then I tried the nuvaring, but that was just uncomfortable. I've heard great things from other people about the ring, so maybe I inserted it wrong? haha

Let me know your thoughts! If you don't want to post on here but would email me that would be awesome! Thanks for being open with such a personal topic.

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  1. I take seasonique, it's a pill you have to take everyday, but you only have a period every three months that's why I love it. My sister in law has an IUD. It's obviously working because she doesn't have kids and is not pregnant. The only thing about the IUD is once she had the procedure she had real bad cramps a few days after. I think that's just part of the procedure. Hope this helps!