Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Personal Topic

Ok so here is a recap from the last personal topic about birth control options. Well after speaking to the doctor I decided to go ahead and try the IUD. She told me since I have never had kids before, I could possibly cramp more. Well I got it put in yesterday. The actual process of getting it inserted was not bad really. She said I actually did really well considering I've never had a kid.

I did fine all day yesterday and then lastnight came. I was in so much pain lastnight I could not sleep. I couldn't get comfy at all. I had a heating pad, took a hot bath, took meds and everything. I was kind of miserable. I woke up fine this morning and did really well all day today. Today around 5 I started to cramp a little. Then come 7 it got really bad. Now I'm laying in bed with the heating pad. I really hope the cramping does not last too long.

Any suggestions on dealing with cramps other than naproxen and heating pad? I have taken 1400 mg of Naproxen today which is A LOT! haha Please pray for me that this cramping does not last too long. :(

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