Thursday, November 5, 2009

Centerpiece Idea

Ok so I've been thinking about making our own centerpieces. Let me know if you think this will look neat on the tables? I want to add some height to some of the tables.

Here is my idea:

We will have 15 tables roughly. 6 of these tables will have TALL centerpieces. I didn't want to do all 15 tables like this because it might be too much.

6 TALL Centerpieces:
120 branches of willow branches, 20 branches for each tall table, each branch is roughly 28" tall
6 20" x 5" cylinder vase
Gems in the bottom

How To: I was thinking about buying a can of silver spray paint and painting the willow branches and possibly sprinkling some glitter on them to add a sparkle. I will fill the bottom of the vase with some gems just to add some color. I will adhere a 3" ribbon about 2" from the top of the vase in our color, Teal.

9 tables with candle centerpiece
9 6" cylinder vases
9 10" cylinder vases
9 12" cylinder vases
(these vases come in a pack of 12 so I thought we could use the extra 9 elsewhere to decorate)
Floating Candles
Gems in the bottom

How To: I was going to group one of each size vase on the table. I thought about adhering a 2 inch ribbon on each vase at different heights. I will put gems in the bottom of each vase to add color. Top it off with a floating candle.

Here are my websites I'm using to purchase in bulk. (glass vases) (gems, willow branch, candles)

Let me know what you think of this idea. It looks like it will be roughly $20 a table.

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