Monday, May 3, 2010

Always smiling...

Eric is great about ALWAYS making me laugh and smile no matter how stressed out I am. His current thing is that I make up terms and names of medical conditions. When I study I tend to say things outloud. Well he'll come in and be like, Do what? Then I repeat it and he says I just made that word up. Well the other night, I said how about a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (such a fun word to say). Of course he thought I made it up. I then asked what he thought it meant. He started to make oo-oo noises like a monkey! haha (Now he was totally joking but at the time he was being dead serious that he thought it had something to do with a monkey). What a nice break from studying medical school and a glimpse of what goes through Eric's mind. :)

Here is a picture I captured of Eric tonight. This was after dinner.

That is Yeah-Yeah, he was Eric's dog but is now OUR dog. Is this not the sweetest picture. I sure do love them :) (don't worry, We still have Bauer. He was just sleeping on his bed)

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