Monday, May 3, 2010

I Love Being a Wife!

So I'm really loving this wife thing. First off it's so nice to come home after a long day of studying knowing someone will be there.

What I love most about being a wife... I think my ultimate favorite is to serve my husband. Since I am in school right now making negative money, it gets hard. I get wrapped up in the idea of oh I'm not making money, but I feel the biggest way I can serve Eric is through cooking meals for him. I loved to cook before I got married, but now I really LOVE to cook. I like to try new recipes and see what he thinks. I always make enough for lunch the next day. In the mornings, I pack both of our lunches. Sometimes I'll slip a rootbeer or some cookies into Eric's lunchbox. :)

Every Sunday, I look through my various cookbooks to decide what we'll eat that week. Then I make my grocery list based off that. This week it's Dijon & Lime chicken with Squash casserole, Pesto Spaghetti, Jumbalia Rice Bake, Pasta Vodka something or other (it's a spicy pasta) and Thursday night will be date night. Another post on that later.

Here is a new favorite of ours, Shrimp Tacos! They're so simple and oh so yummy. I use a wildtree seasoning on the shrimp in the skillet. Then on the corn tortillas it's just cabbage, guac, sourcream, cheese, and hot sauce (onions and tomatoes for Eric). Here is the nice set up from the other night. It looks like we went out to eat, but it was in our own home :)

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