Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birth Story: The Hospital Stay

Alexis roomed in with us the entire stay at the hospital.  We didn't want this little one out of our sight :)

Monday Night: Eric and I were just on cloud nine the entire evening.  We had the olympics on because I wanted to watch the men's gymnastics team finals.  haha I didn't pay attention to the tv one bit.  All I cared about was our little family.  Eric's parents met their granddaughter.  They were in awe.
We did not get much sleep this night as she was just cluster feeding, and I think both Eric and I were too excited.  Every time she made a peep we were both wide awake.  The nurses also come in every 4 hours to take vitals during the first 24 hrs following delivery.  It seemed right about the time all 3 of us would fall asleep the nurse was coming in.  I didn't mind it all that much.

Tuesday: Today wasn't too eventful.  We were just loving on our little one as much as possible.

Amber & Annie both came up to the hospital to visit in the afternoon.  It was fun to introduce them to our baby girl, Alexis.

A lactation consultant came in to assist with breast feeding and gave me some really great tips.  After this I felt like she was really getting the hang of things.  She went to the nursery to get weighed, and we decided to go with.  We had our first little family outing.
She weighed 6lbs 5oz.  Because feeding was going so much better, sleep that night was a lot better as well.  She then had to go back to the nursery at 2:00am for her hearing test, blood tests, and oxygen test.  She was gone for about an hour.  It was so hard falling asleep without her being in the room.  I worried about her the entire time.  She passed all of her tests!

Wednesday:  Going home today!  Yay.  This will be it's own post.

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