Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birth Story: Leading up to Labor

Because I've been having contractions 5 minutes apart for 5 hours at a time that never progress for 4 weeks, I'm not exactly sure when true labor began for me.  I will start with Friday July 27th.

Friday July 27th:  Around 6 pm I started having my "normal" contractions every 5-8 minutes.

Saturday July 28th: Still having my "normal" contractions every 5 mins but no progress as far as intensity.

Sunday July 29th: Yet again I was still having contractions all morning.
4:26 pm:  I had my first contraction that was difficult to walk through and uncomfortable.  I didn't get my hopes up with everything that had happened this far.  These were about 20 minutes apart but still not getting my hopes up.

10:20 pm: We walked Yeah-Yeah around the parking lot.  I had a few contractions that I had to walk a little slower during but I still wasn't convinced this was the real deal.  They were about 8 minutes apart but not really getting stronger.

11:00 pm: Contractions were about 6 minutes apart but it seemed that the intensity had died down.  I thought lets go to bed and see what happens.

I went to bed but I just could not get comfortable, so I decided to go out on the couch.  I had slept on the couch a few different times through out the pregnancy.  For some reason, I could get more comfortable on the couch.  I think it was because I could lie on my back yet lean against the back cushions of the couch.  I'm not going to lie my mind was somewhat racing wondering if this was it or not.


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