Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reception Site: CHECK!!!

We finally have a reception site. Many of you know this has been the last piece to the puzzle and it has been stressing me out. The wedding is less than 5 months away, but no reception site. We found a place we liked within budget but then with the complete quote everything was additional; security, valet, tea and water, blah blah blah. Then we found THE ONE that includes EVERYTHING! They even have a small centerpiece they will do for us.

The wedding reception will be at The Renaissance Hotel in Richardson.

I'm talking everything is included in their package. Eric and I even get a Honeymoon Suite with Champagne and Strawberries the night of and breakfast in our room the next morning. YAY!!! My mom is signing the contract tomorrow. Thanks Mom & Dad. We Love You!!!

On another note, my MOH went crazy on the $5 wedding rack at Michaels lastnight. Lets see, she picked up a CUTE shirt for the ring bearer and flower girl, a Bride shirt, Bridesmaid shirts, and something extra cute but you can't know about it. ;) Thanks Amy!!!

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  1. You'll love the hotel. My brother and sister in law stayed there the night they got married. They said the suite was amazing! It's still a fairly new hotel too!