Monday, December 26, 2011

My New "Home" For The Week

So this week is going to be somewhat crazy and out of the ordinary. As I'm putting in many hours studying for my Step 2 Board Exam this week, I will also be house sitting for a lady that works at KCUMB. I decided sure why not, it'll give me a quiet place without any distractions to study for a week. They have 3 dogs and a cat, so I'll be taking care of the animals and holding down the fort. Not too difficult.

However, when I left the house this afternoon to head to my new "home" for the week it was quite difficult. I'm sure the pregnancy hormones played a role in things, but it broke my heart leaving my husband and dog. I might have even shed a tear or two. Now don't worry, I will get to see them in the evenings this week. I'll spend all day studying here, go home to enjoy dinner and some time with the hubs, then head back to the house for the night. It's just weird "living" in someone's house for a week. Hopefully it'll be a productive week of studying without any distractions such as cleaning and laundry.

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