Monday, March 12, 2012

Watch Out Kitchen, Here I Come!

I was in a cooking mood yesterday. I had so much fun in the kitchen yesterday afternoon. I roasted a whole chicken for dinner with carrots and onions. I then made some awesome red potatoes in the pressure cooker. I can't get over how fast I was able to make yummy potatoes. I always love roasted potatoes but have a hard time getting them cooked all the way through, so they're still crunchy. I also made homemade Artisan bread. So yummy!!!

With the artisan bread recipe, it makes enough dough for 4-5 loaves. You keep the extra dough in the fridge. I found a recipe on pinterest to turn the artisan dough into monkey bread, so I made a miniature monkey bread for dessert. Oh so yummy!!!

After my stress out moment last Tuesday, all of my cooking last night made me feel awesome! I felt like I was able to provide a nice yummy dinner for my husband. What did you make this week that you want to brag about?

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