Wednesday, June 27, 2012

35 Weeks

how far along?
 35 Weeks, Wednesday 6/27/2012  

(only 5 weeks to go, I can count that on one hand!!!)

how are you measuring? 36 cm, 1 cm dilated and baby's head is low (she could feel the head) 
size of baby? 5lbs 7 oz (We had a growth scan today and all of the measurements were perfect, just a smaller baby, 38th percentile)

heartbeat? 146
total weight gain/loss? 30lbs (YIKES!)
maternity clothes? Yes as well as Eric's t-shirts around the house.  My size small t-shirts are a bit snug these days over my belly. haha
stretch marks? Nope. Fingers crossed that I won't get any.
sleep? Sleep is really hard to come by these days.  I just can't get comfortable anymore.  Then when I finally do, it's like oh but now I need to use the restroom.  Then after I use the restroom I am so thirsty.  I drink a glass of water knowing good and well I will be up in about 2 hours to use the restroom AGAIN.  It's a never ending cycle.

best moment this week? We had an ultrasound today, so we got to see our baby.  After the sonographer got all of the measurements, she switched over to 3d and snapped some images for us.  The entire time during the ultrasound, Baby Adcock kept kicking the transducer.  He/She did not like her pressing on his/her home.  During the 3d ultrasound she used a cowbell right near my belly, so we could see the baby react.  The baby would open his/her eyes to see what was going on and was making some pretty crazy faces.  It just made our hearts melt :)  
Also, I've spent some time out at the family medicine clinic this week, and we had a few newborn and 1 week olds come in for weight checks.  I just absolutely loved holding those little ones and being able to interact with the new parents.  It just made me so much more excited for the end of July to hurry up and get here.  (It also made me excited that I have decided on general pediatrics for my career choice).
movement? My belly just looks like the ocean at times with waves of movement.  It's so funny.  I think a patient was somewhat freaked out in clinic when my belly was just moving all over the place while I was sitting there asking her questions. haha
The other day I was getting kicked on the side, so Eric decided to rub my belly where the baby's feet were kicking me.  The baby started kicking even more.  We think daddy was tickling him/her.

food cravings? Anything cold to drink: sonic slush, icecream, milk shake, you name it.  It's so hot right now! (I don't really think being pregnant makes these triple digit heats any worse)

gender predictions? I'm still thinking girl.  No we did not take a peak during the ultrasound this afternoon.
what i miss: Being able to just plop on the couch and be comfortable in the evenings.  It seems like this week has been the turning point of being comfortable.  I'm fine during the day while I'm up moving around but the evenings are a little uncomfortable for me.
what i'm looking forward to: The wonderful shower some great friends of mine are throwing this Saturday for me here in Kansas City.  I'm so excited to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our first child with my support group here in KC.  
how are you feeling? I am still feeling pretty good over all during the day.  Like I said above the evenings are a little uncomfortable.  I'm to the anxious point though.  Any little twinge I get I think is this it, is this the start of contractions.  I have no idea what to expect, so I question every little thing.  I'm also somewhat to the point where, I'm done!  I just want this baby to be here.  haha  I guess this is God's way of teaching me to be patient. :)

Development this week:  Today starts week 36 of development.   Right now, most of baby's systems are just about equipped for life on the outside.  Though the digestive system is ready to roll, too, it hasn't really gotten a workout yet.  Up until this point, the baby's nutrition has been arriving via the umbilical cord-no digestion necessary.  But that's soon to change.  As soon as baby takes his or her first suckle, that digestive system will be jump-started-and those diapers will start filling.  (According to What to Expect When You're Expecting)

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