Friday, June 29, 2012

Such a Tease

So I actually slept great last night and felt well rested this morning despite getting home from the hospital after midnight.  I had noticed my belly would get hard some through out the morning.  Last night while on the monitors, Eric would see a contraction start and ask if my belly was getting tight.  Then when I would feel my belly oh ya I guess it is.  I couldn't tell I was contracting unless I touched my belly.  It was still that way all morning.

My doctor's nurse had called me this morning around 11 to give me my results from my GBS swab.  I filled her in on what all happened last night with our trip to L&D.  She asked if I was still having contractions this morning and I told her ya some what but I hadn't really been paying attention since I was only noticing them if my hands were on my belly.  She told me to pay attention to the frequency and time them.  She said if they are consistent and regular about every 5 minutes to call back and I can get squeezed in to check and make sure I'm not progressing.  So I decided to use my little app on my phone to time them.  From 11-2, I was contracting every 5-8 minutes.  They weren't painful and were still just ok ya my belly is tight.  I put a call in to her and she called me back wanting me to come in to get checked to make sure I wasn't progressing.

So Eric came home from work so we could go to the doctor.  We decided to go ahead and take our hospital bag with us just in case, but we really weren't thinking this was it.  I still wasn't hurting.  I could now tell when a contraction was starting and I was getting some pressure down below but no pain.

We got to the doctor's office and hooked up to the monitors to check the baby's heart rate as well as my contractions.  I was on the monitors for 20 minutes and I had 7 contractions, so they were almost as frequent as every 3 minutes.  She was somewhat shocked that I was contracting that frequently.  She checked me though and no progress.  I'm still hanging out at 1cm.

She sent me home and told me to take it easy this weekend.  I have my baby shower tomorrow, which she said was ok for me to go to.  Other than that she wanted me resting on the couch, staying out of the heat, and drinking tons of water.  (I have a 20 oz water bottle and I drink 3 of those during the day at work alone.  Then there is no telling how much I drink when I get home, so I'm not dehydrated.)  I have my normal 36 week exam on Monday, so she will check and see if I'm progressing at all then.

Today was such a tease but that's ok because I'm not considered full term for another 11 days.  Keep cooking baby.

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