Friday, June 29, 2012

Trip to L&D

So last night was a stressful night in the Adcock home.  All day yesterday I was having some dull menstrual like cramps.  I just attributed it to getting checked for the first time the day before.  Then on my way home that afternoon, I thought you know baby hasn't been that active today.  I decided lets just take it easy that evening.  I laid on my left side and drank some orange juice to get baby moving.  I finally got some movement but nothing like the usual.

Then after dinner, I went to do my kick counts.  This is the time that baby is usually the most active and I always do my kick counts at this time.  It's somewhat of a joke for us to see how fast the baby will get his/her 10 kicks.  On average, I get 10 kicks in less than 5 minutes.  However most of the time it's in a minute and a half.  I just really wasn't feeling the baby move, so I took a bath.  Sometimes the baby will be really active once I get in the water.  Then I had some of my left over slush from sonic (full of sugar) to get the baby moving.  I also drank a cup of orange juice.  After all of that in an hour I only had 4 kicks.  This was totally not the normal for Baby Adcock.

I was getting somewhat worried, and Eric could tell.  He told me well just call the on call nurse.  I called the answering service and the nurse midwife called me back.  She was actually somewhat rude and snotty.  Immediately she said well if you want you can go to the L&D and get hooked to the monitors to check.  I then asked well could getting checked yesterday have caused the baby to slow down a bit because I figured that was what was causing my menstrual like cramps.  She said well if you want to ease your mind you can just go in.  I can go ahead and call them to let them know you're coming.  She made me feel so stupid and was rude about it.  I am definitely glad she is not my doctor's nurse.

Well we get to the hospital and the nurse there was super nice!  Her name was Katie.  She hooked me up to the monitors right away so I could hear the baby's heart beat and that immediately helped ease my mind.  I still hadn't felt movement so I was still concerned.  She had me give a urine sample to make sure I didn't have a UTI causing the cramping I had during the day.  When she came back a few minutes later she asked if I knew I was contracting.  I looked at her like do what???  I was contracting every 2-8 minutes.  I was not feeling a thing.  They kept me on the monitor for an hour and she spoke to the on call doctor for my group.  The doc decided not to have the nurse check me since I had just gotten checked yesterday, I wasn't feeling the contractions, and he didn't want to stir things up.  Since the heart beat was great and I felt some movement during the NST I got to go home.  YAY!!!!  Baby Adcock was just wanting us to do a test run to L&D.

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