Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ready for Baby!

On Thursday I had a panic freak out mode with tears.  I realized, we only have around 6 1/2 weeks until Baby Adcock is due to arrive.  Yikes!!!!  I was born 6 weeks early, so I realized baby could come any moment now.  The doctor said once I hit 34 weeks, they will not try and stop my labor.  I then thought wow med school sections were only 6 weeks long and that's how long Eric and I would go without seeing each other.  Putting it into perspective like that somewhat freaked me out.

Then the tears started flowing.  Initially they were tears of joy.  To think that we would meet our little one so soon and they changed to panic tears.  I thought OMG we do not have anything ready for a baby, so I made myself a to do list of everything I wanted to get done this weekend.

1. Get the crib and changing table organized and ready to go.  The mattress should arrive this week.  I washed the sheets and they are ready to go.  We also bought a box of newborn diapers to have ready.  I received a pack of wipes in the middle of the diaper cake from my shower.  We haven't really been buying diapers in case this little one doesn't like a specific type of diaper.

2. Put the car seat and stroller together.  We purchased the car seat and stroller back in November at a Black Friday Sale.  The box has been sitting in our bedroom ever since.  Eric put this together and enjoyed showing me all of the details and how to fold it up etc. 

3. Clean out our cars and install the car seat.  I was expecting this to be a pain but with the newer vehicles having the latch system it wasn't difficult at all.  That black seatbelt looking strap was on the car seat base and it just clips onto these silver hooks that I have near the seatbelt buckles.  Then the car seat clicks into the base.


4. Purchase a swing.  I couldn't decide what type of swing I wanted.  Eric really liked these Mamaroos, so we did a little research.  Instead of just the front to back or side to side motion like typical swings this gadget is suppose to mimic the motion the baby feels in my belly while I'm up moving around.  There are a few different types of motion you can select.  There is a side to side swaying and then there is a U shaped so it goes up on the sides and then there is more of a bouncy up and down while it sways side to side.  It seems really sophisticated and from the reviews and friends we've talked to the baby loves it.  Hopefully Baby Adcock will love their Mamaroo as well. 

I also cleaned out the fridge while Eric was putting the car seat and stroller together.  We started to pack our hospital bag but didn't get too far with that. 

Still left to do on our list.
1. Finish our Hospital Bag
2. Clean out the freezer
3. Organize bathroom drawers/cabinets to make a special spot for baby's stuff
4. Use a groupon to get our cars detailed and washed
5. Hire someone to do a deep clean on the house  (I read on some blogs/message boards that a lot of moms wish they would have done this before the arrival of the baby, so they are coming to a super clean house)
6. Use our groupon to have the carpets cleaned
7. Schedule my pre-natal massage that Eric bought me for my birthday

What else should I do to prepare for Baby Adcock's arrival?

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